Committed to schools

Why is it important to us?

We see marketing as a great career option for many youngsters who are creative, dynamic, innovative and ambitious. Yet, research tells us that many young people don’t actively consider marketing as a career. We want to change that so they can make better career choices.

How do we achieve this?

We have launched a range of activities to get young people to learn more about marketing and consider it as a career choice.

Founding 50

Our Founding 50 are on a mission. A mission to help inspire and inform youngsters about what a career in marketing would be like. They are 50 of the top marketers from all over the world who are committed to spending time with young people to give them first hand knowledge about what a career in marketing is like.

Real-life competitions

We are committed to giving young people access to real life scenarios in marketing. To do this we will offer 'real life' competitions where youngsters can showcase their marketing skills and get rewarded for it.

Career Development Workshops

The School of Marketing virtual career development workshops for young people hosted by senior leaders. These provide the opportunity to learn more what it takes to become a leader in our industry.

Career Counsellor Programme

We believe that the key to the solution is to help career counsellors to better understand what a career in marketing could look like. To help, we are commited to help counsellor to better understand our industry both online and offline.

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